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The Collective

Core Supports WA is a not for profit collective. We believe we are stronger together and working collaboratively is the key to great outcomes when working towards individual goals. Our members are supported as individuals, whether they are NDIS participants or independent contractors providing supports.

We do things differently, to us you are never just a number or a name on a roster. We take time to get to know you and ensure a good match with you and your team.

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Core Supports WA

Our Values

Disability rights are human rights. Everybody has a right to be treated with dignity and respect and to be listened to.

We believe NDIS participants have the right to choice and control, accurate information about what is available to them and should be included in all decisions made about their lives. If a person needs support to understand their choices and their rights that person must be given that support in a format that is most appropriate to them.

If you are a support person that puts human rights and quality of service at the forefront of everything you do, we want to hear from you.

How we work together

Join the Collective

If your application is successful we will have an onboarding interview to talk about your needs, your talents and how we can support you. This goes for participants as well as workers. For NDIS participants we want to be sure we are a great match for the support you need. Our contractors and employees are critical to our success and quality of service, they are hand picked and matched with the person needing support. The matchmaking we do is a critical ingredient in the collective model.

You never feel like you are just a number here, Caz makes sure we are all well looked after"
Jasmine, support worker

Become your own service provider!

Participant owned/self directed services are becoming more popular as people learn more about having real choice and control in their lives. Our director, Caz, has been working in this specialised area for more than ten years. We are experts at assisting individuals and their families to set up a self directed service, With our unique Shared Management model you can be in complete control of your services without the hassle of self-managing funds, payroll or invoice payments. You can hire employees of your own, or hire contractors, with the confidence of knowing that there are no sham contracting arrangements and any taxes, superannuation and workers compensation requirements are met.

In most cases you will pay less than providers that charge "the NDIS rate" (which is really just an upper limit suggested by NDIS). And, in all cases, you will receive the best quality of service possible.

We make it easy 

Find out more about designing your own service,  becoming your own provider or shared management by booking a chat with Caz. Drop us an email at

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